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Inflatable seat – with carabiner fastening


Weight: 0.20 kg

Manufacturer: Pinpack

Delivery time: up to 7 days


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An inflatable seat is included in every Pinpack packraft, but if you need an additional seat, e.g., for a child, you can buy it separately. The seat in the packraft is removable. This seat fits all Pinpack packraft models: Amundsen and Compact.

This is an improved version of our well-tried and tested Velcro seat. In the carabiner seat model, we have incorporated a water drain in the middle of the seat and replaced the Velcro with plastic carabiners, fastened to eyelets. Now you can choose the model that suits you better.

The weight of the seat with eyelets alone – 0.188 kg

The weight of plastic carabiners (4pcs.) – 0.014 kg

Total weight – 0.202 kg