About us

Our eternal love for travelling and searching for secluded, unusual places made us fall in love with packrafting at first sight. When travelling, we usually avoid tourist places and look for our own amazing corners that cannot be found in tourist guides. Packrafting gave us completely new possibilities. That is why we wanted to share our passion—this is how the Pinpack brand was created. We have been producing our packrafts since 2015–we improve them for you, and we also spread knowledge about packrafting. We are delighted that this sport is becoming more and more popular every year.

Every journey begins at the moment of its planning, and the fulfilment is not reaching the destination, but the journey itself. In life and in travel, we are guided by the idea of minimalism, we are constantly learning this philosophy. This idea also guides us in the construction of our packrafts. We want our equipment to be durable, reliable, but also repairable in all conditions.

Guided by the above principles, we have created equipment entirely designed and manufactured in Poland from the highest quality materials, the idea of which was born in the wilds of North America. Pinpack is a brand of ultralight but highly durable dinghies, also used in extreme conditions, provides the traveller with the ability to pack such equipment in a backpack along with other items needed for the trip. Pinpack gives you the freedom to travel and experience various things. We can cross the river with all our equipment at any time. If you also love cycling, fall in love with bikerafting. Our larger Amundsen model will give you the opportunity to combine cycling trips with rafting.

We are travellers ourselves, so we want to provide other travellers with complete self-sufficiency in travelling during trips near and far and give them confidence in Pinpack’s reliability.