Tear-Aid Type A Repair Film


Manufacturer: Waldhausen

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Tear-Aid Type A Repair Film is a unique, clear, self-adhesive film for repairing tears and patching holes. This extraordinary transparent tape allows you to self-seal a tear or hole in a difficult situation and continue rafting.

In the set with a string closure, you will find:

– tear Aid repair tape type A in one piece with dimensions of 30cm x 8cm, which you can cut freely

– 2 x alcohol wipes

Tear-Aid is not just a temporary solution, it’s a durable film that’s great for use on materials that are exposed to the elements. It can be used in temperatures from -28 to +60 °C. The tape is extremely flexible and can be easily cut to the desired shape.

90% bond strength immediately after sticking

100% bond strength after 1 hour

Remember to clean the place with an alcohol swab and dry it before sticking the tape.