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OPTY sold out
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packraft Pinpack OPTY
Pinpack OPTY
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packraft Pinpack OPTY

Packraft Pinpack OPTY

Weight: 3 kg (packraft+seat)

Manufacturer: Pinpack

Delivery time: up to 7 days

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Who did we create Pinpack OPTY packraft for?

We aimed to maintain high stability on the water in this new packraft, while adding speed. Hence the slightly slimmer build and sharp beak. We also equipped it with a skeg mount as a standard to increase speed and help guide it on the course.

The skeg, i.e., an additional supporting fin, is removable and intended for use in open waters. It is best to mount the skeg before inflating the packraft.

We wanted to maintain the reliability of our packrafts, knowing that you value them, so we did not change the materials used. OPTY is also made of TPU material (polyurethane) with a grammage of 430 g/m2 for the sides and 680 g/m2 for the floor. Importantly, the polyurethane we use is applied on both sides, which greatly enhances the durability of the packrafts. We also retained the technology we’ve used so far – we still do not use adhesives in production, we ‘hot weld’ the elements instead, making the welds almost armor-plated.

The OPTY set also includes a new seat with carabiners attached to the packraft.

Just like our other OPTY packrafts, it is also manufactured in Poland.

Advantages of Pinpack OPTY

  • fast on the water, and with the skeg, it’s easy to maintain course,
  • its design still ensures very high stability, making it suitable for bike rafting, while also being speedy,
  • a lot of space inside for luggage,
  • made of the best polyurethane to maintain its reliability at a relatively low weight,
  • two additional D-rings (handles) on the side, e.g., for convenient release of the life rope

Pinpack OPTY packraft – the set includes:

  • Pinpack OPTY single packraft in the selected color
  • compression strap 230 cm long and 2.5 cm wide
  • inflatable seat (attached to the packraft with carabiners; can be installed in two different positions)
  • inflation bag (with a valve or a string )
  • a total of 14 D-rings (handles): 8 – on the sides for releasing the life rope or mounting luggage; 2 – for mounting the seat, 4 – on the inside of the sides for attaching luggage or installing side leg straps




The material used – TPU (polyurethane) with a weight of 430g/m2 on the sides and 680g/m2 on the floor.  The polyurethane we use is applied on both sides, which greatly enhances the durability of the packrafts


  • Total length 227 cm
  • Length inside 148 cm
  • Maximum width (with sides) 93 cm
  • Maximum width inside 40 cm


set weight: 3.2kg or 3.3kg (depending on the pumping bag selected) + skeg 0,13kg

Buoyancy: 220 kg

Packraft when packed measures (approximately): 40x18cm

All packraft elements are welded, we do not use adhesives.

wymiary OPTY


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