packraft Amundsen z pokładem moro
packraft Amundsen z pokładem
wodoodporny worek transportowy
packraft Amundsen z pokładem
packraft Pinpack Amundsen II z pokładem

Packraft Amundsen with deck

Weight: 4,1 kg (packraft+seat+frame+apron)

Manufacturer: Pinpack

Delivery time: up to 7 days

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Packraft for those who love extreme expeditions

Single Pinpack Amundsen with a deck is an option for those who love adrenaline and rivers that can quicken your heartbeat just by looking at them 😉 

This extremely manoeuvrable and durable inflatable boat will be perfect for canoeing down dangerous mountain rivers. If you dream of crossing the most difficult water routes—choose Pinpack Amundsen with a deck.

Why is the Amundsen packraft so durable?

Because when designing it, we reached for a material that always works in extreme situations – TPU (polyurethane) with a weight of 430 g/m2 for the sides and 680 g/m2 for the floor. All elements of the packraft are welded, we do not use glues, thanks to which the joints are extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions,

Packraft for those who love the taste of adrenaline

Packraft Amundsen is designed primarily for those who dream of long journeys and exciting canoeing down rapid mountain rivers. 

The second group of his faithful fans are cyclists practising bikerafting. This packraft is also a perfect solution for this activity. 

Packraft for travelling with large luggage

The advantage of the Amundsen inflatable boat is its weight and size, which allow it to be packed into a small backpack. 

After unfolding, the packraft positively surprises with its capabilities: it is able to easily take a traveller (even a tall one!) and his large luggage on board.

Packraft for the toughest trips

Packraft Amundsen with a deck is an option for those who:

  • love kayaking with a high degree of difficulty
  • enjoy their active time
  • love to spend time in nature
  • are fans of bikerafting

What makes Pinpack Amundsen different from other models?

  • practical deck, thanks to which you can go rafting on mountain rivers 
  • easy assembly and disassembly of the apron (the deck itself is not removable)
  • low weight and small volume, so you can travel everywhere with it
  • high stability and controllability on the water, thanks to the unique design of the pontoon

Packraft Amundsen with deck—set content:

  • packraft (dinghy) in the selected colour (non-detachable deck)
  • apron
  • frame (sticks)
  • inflatable seat (mounted with two Velcro fasteners, possible to mount in two different positions)
  • inflate sack (optional: valved bag or drawstring bag)
  • 6 d-rings (handles) on the sides for releasing a life rope or mounting luggage, 
  • 2 d-rings for mounting the seat 
  • 4 d-rings on the inside of the sides for mounting the side leg straps
  • waterproof transport bag


The material used – TPU (polyurethane) with a weight of 430g/m2 on the sides and 680g/m2 on the floor.


  • Total length 225 cm
  • Length inside 165 cm
  • Maximum width (with sides) 104 cm
  • Maximum width inside 41 cm


  • packraft (pontoon) with deck (not removable) – 3.45kg
  • inflated seat (mounted with two Velcro straps, possible mounting in two different positions) – 0.18kg
  • apron – 0.29kg
  • deck frame (6 fiberglass risers) – 0.14kg
  • pumping bag ended with a string 0,16kg or ended with a valve 0,25kg
  • waterproof transport bag – 0.33kg
  • side leg straps – 0.14kg
  • 6 d-rings (handles) on the sides for releasing life rope or mounting luggage
  • 2 d-rings for mounting the seat
  • 4 d-rings on the inner side of the sides for mounting the side leg straps

set weight: 4.69kg or 4.78kg (depending on the pumping bag selected)

Buoyancy: 300 kg

Packraft (with all components) when packed measures (approximately): 49x20cm

All packraft elements are welded, we do not use adhesives.